Young Marine Explorers


Taken from Young Marine Explorers website:


“Young Marine Explorers (YME) is a non-profit environmental organization committed to providing transformational educational experiences to Bahamian youth. We strive to inspire young Bahamians to find their personal passion by introducing them to the Bahamian environment through engaging outdoor classrooms and opportunities to participate in citizen science. Through creative, entertaining and inspirational environmental outreach, we aspire to foster a generation of youth that is motivated to become stewards of the environment who will shape the future of The Bahamas. 

Young Marine Explorers formerly Young Bahamian Marine Scientists (YBMS) was founded by Nikita Shiel-Rolle during her undergraduate career at the University of Miami In 2007. The initial idea for this organization was to  unite Bahamian youth that are interested in the Bahamian environment while providing new learning opportunities and developing their leadership skills. It was from these early ideas and countless conversations with environmental representatives throughout The Bahamas that the organization was founded. In 2008 a series of informational presentations introduced the public to the new organization. These presentations concluded with a handful of youth coming together to form the first YBMS Team.

The YBMS team discussed environmental challenges that faced the Bahamian community and created the movement that has now become Young Marine Explorers. In the beginning YBMS was funded as an educational project of The Danguillecourt Project/Bahamas Marine EcoCentre. In 2011 YBMS was rebranded to YME (Why Me?/ Y.M.E). It became incorporated as an independent non-profit organization in 2012. The rebranding of YME was done to reflect the long term vision of developing Young Marine Explorers programs throughout the region. ”

For more information, please check out the main website here.



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