Bahamas Field Studies 2015

Image taken of the sunset at Bahamas Marine Mammal Research Organization in Sandy Point, Abaco. 2014

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the blog for the Bahamas Field Studies 2015 trip to The Bahamas lead by our very own, Dr. Larry ‘Doc’ Wiedman. Here, we will be posting daily to keep our friends, family, and loved ones in touch with us as we travel and experience a new culture. We will also be posting any important information for the trip prior to leaving here if necessary. So make sure to check back every other day. Please subscribe to this blog for the Winter during our stay to receive emails when we post.

This trip is split into two 1-week periods: DECEMBER 26, 2014-JANUARY 3, 2015 and JANUARY 2, 2015-JANUARY 10, 2015. There are several individuals who will be staying for both weeks. These are the researchers who will be conducting follow up work on Dave’s Patch Reef and nearby cays, Doc (of course) and a Bahamian graduate, Luanettee’ Colebrooke.

Also, if you’d like, leave a comment for any questions and the most frequently asked  will be answered in a follow up blog after a daily post.

-The Bahamas Field Studies 2015


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