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#ParentsWeek, Showing What We learned

Only a piece of the awesomeness.

Only a piece of the awesomeness.

A quick update on the festivities at Island School.



Praise and Worship: An Experience to Remember


We all woke up to a beautiful melody song by Doc, our natural alarm clock. Each morning, he acts as our alarm for 0730 or so to let us know its time to get up and have breakfast. The pictures below are of what we see every morning on the beach front from our cabins.

IMG_20141228_075641 IMG_20141228_075637


Lodge where we have classroom, dining hall, and lounge area.


Having breakfast

Within The Bahamas, there is no separation of church and state. There are prayers within the schools and at every government meeting for the wellbeing of the country. It is a huge part of who we are. Because of the type of school Saint Francis is, Doc and other leaders take this time to bring students and visitors to the local community church: where he calls home with his family and friends.

It is a experience that many say is the best memory they have in coming to The Bahamas. Bahamians leave their faith on their ‘sleeve.’ They are very open about their faith and will opening say ‘I will pray for you’ whether you believe or not because it is our culture and heritage. There are no natives as there are in the states (Native Americans, Indians, etc.). The entire population if not most of it are decedents of freed slaves and Seminole Indians that migrated to North Andros from Florida to escape prosecution.

After breakfast, the group changed into their church garb and we made our way down the road to the Presbyterian church that Saint Francis frequents whenever we come down.

IMG_20141228_104153 IMG_20141228_11002020141228_104539

After church, we gathered our items and headed out to the boat once lunch was done. The two places we visited were South Pass and Dave’s Patch Reef. These are both study sites and the later was studied for two Master students: Ashley Meehan and Luanettee’ Colebrooke (me!). We have also been published in this year’s Alumni Magazine┬áin regards to our research.



Here are a few videos on Dave’s Patch from one of our students: Danni.

We ended the night with a bird lecture by Dr. Joe and a group heading out to go birding.

IMG_20141228_191706 IMG_20141228_191719 IMG_20141228_191723