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#Earthday: I have a Dream, that Eleuthera’s Going Green


Group photo of Sustainable Fisheries and Center for Sustainable Development from Cape Eleuthera. Photo courtesy of Gacintha Gordon of One Eleuthera Foundation.

Sustainability Fisheries, and Center for Sustainable Development (CSD) gathered under one booth in honor of #Earthday in Governor’s Habrour, Eleuthera.

Children came flocking over to do some ‘science’ with our very own Mike Cortina by making biodiesel from CSD. High schoolers seem mainly interested in the Aquaponics system and how it works from Michael Bowleg, another portion of CSD.


Last but not least, Sustainable Fisheries drew in the crowd with the live lionfish display, diagrams, and simple to follow fillet guide.

Other organizations that were there were One Eleuthera, BREEF, and Preston Aurbry High School representing Bahamas Plastic Movement just to name a few. They had a large interactive banner that people would place their hand print on and write one disposal plastic they will not use anymore (or at least try to if had the option).


High School marching band.

The outreach was a huge success thanks to the community coming and working together. Many signed up for the CEI Newsletter, while others became intrigued on our YOU SLAY, WE PAY campaign.

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Lionfish mantra inspired by #Chikfila #eatmor’lionfish. Made by yours truly. 


#EnvironmentalEducation, Rock Sound Homecoming 2015


(L to R) Mackey (Deep Sea Researcher), Adrian (Sustainable Fisheries), Alexio (Sustainable Fisheries), Luanettee’ (Sustainable Fisheries), Alanna (Sustainable Fisheries), and Christina (Sharks). Photo courtesy of Alanna Waldman, SP15 Sustainable Fisheries Intern.

This past week was Homecoming for rock Sound, Eleuthera. Homecoming is a gathering within a settle or on an island where people ‘go home’ to their family island (any island outside of New Providence) for a few days of celebration, music, food, family and friends.


Luanettee’ speaking to some curious youth about the Lionfish display. Photo courtesy of Alanna Waldman, SP15 Sustainable Fisheries Intern.


Photo courtesy of Alanna Waldman, SP15 Sustainable Fisheries Intern.

Sustainabale Fisheries, Deep Sea Exploration and Sharks research programs were there holding the fort, bringing all ages and occupations to the table to learn about what we do and the opportunities for Bahamians at CEI. We talked heavily on the invasive species of lionfish, educating all on the venomous verses poisonous, their health benefits, and the increasing jewelry market for them. Deep Sea and Sharks strutted their stuff with a show of some interesting creatures they haul up from the deep sea (anything beyond 200M in depth).


Christina (R back row) talking with a local fisherman. Luanettee’ (R front listening and answering questions from curious bystanders. Photo courtesy of Alanna Waldman, SP15 Sustainable Fisheries Intern.

Fishermen came around wanting to learn more about our YOU SLAY WE PAY campaign down at the Institute. Our very own Alexio (Sustainable fisheries Research Assistant)  and Christina (Sharks Intern SP15) getting down and nitty gritty with them on the growing market for Lionfish.


Photo courtesy of Alanna Waldman, SP15 Sustainable Fisheries Intern.

It was a success, with many newly informed and interested in the research of The Bahamas.  Once all was done we packed up, we danced the rest of evening, enjoying food, music, and embracing my culture.

Have you ever been to a Bahamian event? What did you expect and how was it met? Let me know in the comments below.

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