Bahamas Adventures


Thank you for visiting my blog. In this particular section, I post anything in relation to The Bahamas. Whether it is research or my culture, you find it here. The Bahamas is the country I hail from despite being in the States for most of my academic career. It is a country I am passionate to return to to teach and get involved with the growing concern for environmental regulation, education, and community outreach.

There are several organizations that I have worked with that have helped shaped and developed me into the person I am today through experience, volunteering, and or internships.

Bahamas Marine Mammal Research Organization in Sandy Point, Abaco. Summer 2014 Internship

FRIENDS of the Environment in Marsh Harbour, Abaco. Volunteer opportunity.

Forfar Field Station in North Blanket Sound, Andros. Bahamas Field Studies 2015

Young Marine Explorers in Nassau, New Providence. Volunteer opportunity.

Check each one of these out and what I have to say about the experience. Also, check out their webpages and Like them on Facebook!

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