Luanettee’ Colebrooke is the 1st Bahamian graduate from the University of Saint Francis in Fort Wayne, Indiana with a Master’s degree in Environmental Science. She focused mainly on coral reef monitoring and has interned at the cetacean research facility in Abaco, The Bahamas known as the Bahamas Marine Mammal Research Organization. Underneath her mentor, Dr. Larry “Doc” Wiedman whom has 30+ years of research in North Andros, Bahamas,  she successfully defended her thesis in creating efficient, inexpensive, and easy to learn model for coral reef mapping. She has also been mentored and co-authored a North Andros Bird’s reference book under Dr. Joseph Steensma, whom has 15+ years of ornithology research on North Andros.

She has volunteered at several non-government organizations within The Bahamas. These organizations focus heavily on environmental education of the Bahamian youth and surrounding communities. They believe by empowering the youth and locals with environmentally based knowledge, that they will have the ability to manage and maintain their resources in a sustainable way. Two of these organizations are Young Marine Explorers and FRIENDS of the Environment.

She recently presented at an international conference held in The Bahamas known as the Natural History of the Bahamas. She presented on Coral Reef Mapping and Coral Reef Health Assessment based off of her and a fellow colleague’s Masters’ thesis work. She has also attended and volunteered at the 4th Annual Student Conference for Conservation Science at the American Museum of Natural history in New York, New York. Here, she actively participated in questionnaire, networking, and mentored lunches sessions.

Ms. Colebrooke currently has fulfilled her short term goal to return to her homeland, The Bahamas, and aid in environmental education, conservation and research at the Cape Eleuthera Institute.



Ms. Colebrooke is experienced in interpersonal connections, customer service, Microsoft Office, and mapping programs such as ArcGis and GoogleEarth. She has her open water SCUBA license and has knowledge in Environmental Health and Safety. She continues to strive for excellence in her everyday work and life ethic. An avid crafter, she enjoys making homemade items during her spare time. She, along with her younger sister LaVana Colebrooke, has their own Etsy store and Facebook page where they post and sell their craft to friends and family. They enjoy working with yarn, needlework, and various forms of fabric to make one of a kind items. Their motto is Bringing Imagination to Life. If the individual can say what they want, they can make it.

If you would like to get in contact with Ms. Colebroooke, please email her at meshakgirl@hotmail.com


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