#EatMoreLionfish, Creating a Demand


#EatMoreLionfish outreach flyer made by Luanettee’ Colebrooke.

#EatMoreLionfish is a new hashtag slowly gaining popularity on the social network scene. By creating a new demand for this invasive fish, locals can enjoy a new source of income without negatively impacting their local traditional stocks of Nassau Grouper, Queen Conch, and Spiny Lobster within The Bahamas.

The purpose of this is to create a ‘natural’ control of the species through the use of subsistence and commercial fishermen. When people ask for #lionfishjewelry or #lionfish to eat in local restaurants, vendors and souvenir shops, if enough requests are made, owners will ask fishermen for them. In turn, fishermen will head out and capture them.

Dr. Jocelyn Curtis-Quick, also known as Dr. Lionfish on Twitter, encourages people to request this fish whenever possible.


(c) Image property of Cape Eleuthera Institute.

Have you tried this delicious predator?


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