#ConservationAdventure So Much, Too Little Time

boat driving

Driving the boat for our quarterly patch reef surveys. These are conducted every three months on 16 patch reefs. Half are lionfish removal sites while the others are untouched. For more info, click here.

It has been a while since my last post.  Its interesting to me how busy I have become that the thought of writing up a blog, makes me weary inside. Yet, despite this, I am excited to write about the adventures I have had in the recent weeks.

Down Island Trip

So individuals from CEI call any trip going North ‘down island’ despite the institute being South (literally down on the map). I was curious as to why and found out something nifty. ‘Down’ refers to the direction the current runs. 🙂

A group of us took a shuttle to Lighthouse beach. I have never felt sand so soft before in all my life. It felt like a very fine exfoliant on my entire body. you know I scrubbed my body with that before taking a dunk in the sea. There’s this cliff that outlook ont he beach between 7-10m high and a calm inlet on the other side. There is an abandoned lighthouse on top of this place with three levels.


The Glass Window Bridge with the hollowing Atlantic on the left and the calm Bahama Bank on the left.

After exploring that area for a bit, I felt comfortable that I could live there in that small place. All you really need is a place to sleep, cook and use the restroom. The hardest part would probably be the treck to and from Lighthouse since the roads are not the best and climbing the cliff.


The wonderful Dr. Alastir Harborne had his final trip down here for research on the patch reefs with the Earthwatch group. it was a wonderful experience and I hope to meet with him in the future. I even had a patch named after me and found a very rare species out in this area that he had said he hadn’t seen before: the Jackknife fish.

Island School:

The semester for the spring is 100 days of intense learning, physical, and mental activity for not only students from around the world but for adults as well. It teaches us to expand our point of view and engage with young researchers (not students) on a daily basis. If you know anyone who is interested in spending a semester abroad, check it out here.


Lighthouse Beach:

Lighthouse Beach has been featured in many magazines as one of the top beaches in the world. The water was cool to the burning sun, and the sand like baby powder.


The Gap Years trained for a triathlon this year that included a 1/2 mile swim, 13 mile bike ride and a 3 mile run. The winning time was about 1.5 hours while mine was 2.5 hours. It’s all good though because I got this epic medal as my reward.

The Gap year program is for any individual who is a recent high school graduate or college students taking a semester or so off from school. It is a wonderful opportunity with lots of experience including an internship. Check it out here.

So much has happened and yet my time here is still for another several months. Anything in particular you want to learn about the institute  or the programs I have mentioned above? Let me know in the comment section below.


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