Last Night in Paradise


Group photo of week 2 before heading out for the day. Joined by the Directors Joey, Kate and children (middle row 2nd and 3rd person on the left).

There are several places that we went adventuring to similar to week 1. As you have noticed, some are the same and some are different based on the weather forecast of the day.

Fresh Creek: Got its name because it was the port between the New World and Africa where the slave ships gathered. The slaves were rinsed and ‘freshened’ up to sell in the New World while those who died among the journey were disposed off into the water.

Androsia: A Batik factory with handmade Bahamian crafts.


LightHouse Club

The final places that we went to were Summerset Beach to have lunch, a nature hike in Maidan Hair Coppice, and went swimming to cool off in Cousteau’s Blue Hole. The last night here at Forfar was a memorable one for many. New friends have been made and old ones have strengthened. Everyone had something positive to take back with them when returning to the States.

Many wished it was the warmth. Until next everyone. Thank you for joining us on the journey here for Doc’s final hurrah leading a group down to the Bahamas. There were tears, hugs, and many memories made that will be kept to every single persons heart.


He has been traveling to The Bahamas for 30+ years


Personal thoughts:

For me, this has been a wonderful experience. If Doc never came to The Bahamas or traveled to the other islands, my mother would not have met him. I would still be unhappy and trying to figure out what exactly I wanted to do to help my country, The Bahamas. The past 3 years have been full of love and heartache, but each one with a positive outlook and a learning experience. Saint Francis has been the best experience I have ever had in my education career.

I have grown to be such a better person and have met so many wonderful people along the way. He became my home away from home and his family is now my family. I don’t know how I can ever repay him but know that my home is always open to him and the family.

Thank you Doc and best wishes for your retirement.


Dr. Joe has been coming down for 20+ years for birding and has the most thorough knowledge of migratory and residential birds within North Andros, Bahamas.

Dr. Joe has also played an intricate part in my development as a student. Both he and Doc has shown me the way in which I wish to teach environmental awareness and education to people. They are one on one with their students and share a seep passion to share. To share their knowledge with others.

I have been blessed to have these two remarkable people in my life. Blessings to both and their families.





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