Long days = Nap Time

All day trips makes everyone tired. By the end of the day, no one wants to get their photos.


First day out on the boat 🙂


Pigeon Cay: a small cay that has a high energy side. very shallow snorkel with a great geology lesson.

Stanyard Wreck: a cargo ship that wrecked along the shallow water and remained to become a healthy reef.

String’s Octect: it is located within a section of the Andros barrier reef and is known for the ‘labyrinth’ of coral heads scattered about.



They see me rollin’, they hatin’…

We had a very windy yet pleasant day driving around with Doc 🙂 I think we wiped him out.


Coconut Grove: a high energy beach close to the barrier reef. Lots of Gorgonias (sea fans)

Morgan’s Bluff: Legend has it that Andros was one of many spots that the famous Captain Morgan came into being a great power. It is said that he never fought out at sea. That he sent in sub captains to ships that he lured into the shallows by using a goat with a lantern tied to its neck and setting it loose on the cliff since lighthouses were signs of safe passage. Once the ships ran aground the coral beneath them, Morgan would send his crew out to pillage the boats.

Morgan’s Cave



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