Oh, The Places You Can Go…on Andros :)


These past two days have been full of adventure between the groups. I will break it down between the two dates.


On this day, we separated into three groups. One group was to remain back at the station and have a boat day with Doc, a group was to go birding with Dr. Joe and the final group went down south to Cargo Creek with Dr. Leo to head west into the Bahamas National Trust Park.

Group 1: Boat day


Stanyard Wreck: Many years ago a boat was coming in with supplies. Along the way it shipwrecked along the shallow waters. Since then, it has not been removed and has flourished into a new reef for many organisms.

String’s Octect: Located as a new research site for researchers and students, this location is a labyrinth of coral.

Cousteau’s Blue Hole: Named after the famous diver, Jacques Cousteau.


Group 2: Birding

Group 3: BNT National Park

The Bahamas National Trust (BNT) is a Non-governmental organization (NGO) that is in charge of creating and maintaining national land and sea parks throughout The Bahamas. Their duty is to find areas that are at high risk



Today we broke off again into several groups. Some stayed at the station for canoeing and research, a birding group and then a land day trip that includes a trip to the local Androsian factory.

Group 1: Boat day and research.

Several of the students stayed behind that are conducting research here in Andros.

Group 2: Birding

There will always be birds -.-

Group 3: Land Day


Fresh Creek

Summerset Beach: Lunch

Church’s Blue Hole


Last but not least a wonderful and long time friend of Doc and Dr. Joe, a Bahamian Legend, Mrs. Annie Colebrooke. She is known throughout The Bahamas for her one of a kind, strawbasket making skills. Many try to replicate her work but fall short to her greatness. Here, we used the leaves of the short top palm trees around the island like Silver top and Five Fingers, let them dry in the sun, the soak them in water to create elaborate patterns and works of art that is unique to each person regardless if the styles are different.

20141229_200048 20141229_200033

Hope you enjoy 🙂 What do you think about what the kids are learning? They are a great group of students from both the Leurs High School and University of Saint Francis and always looking to learn. They are always out in the water or wondering around the community.



5 thoughts on “Oh, The Places You Can Go…on Andros :)

  1. Great photos Luanettee!!! Any chance you know the approximate time this group anticipates arrival back in Fort Wayne? Jan. 3rd I think, but no idea if it’s in the late PM or otherwise. thanks…Patrick


    • I will be posting the details in another section on the blog Patrick 🙂 Everyone will be back before noon on January 4th the Sunday. The students will call whomever they need as we get closer to Fort Wayne to make arrangements to be picked up.


      • You answered my question precisely. Your posts are awesome…and you are awesome!! Thanks…Patrick


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