We’re Alive!!


Dr. Joe taking a moment to bird watch on our way down from our evening flight. Everyone has had already arrived earlier in the day.

Thank you for joining us on our journey within The Bahamas. The next several weeks you will get a brief glimpse of what we experience throughout the time spent here.


Chalkboard in the dining room that depicts the daily activities for the group. It also contains the individuals who are serving food for the day and the person on duty of the lodge for the night.


Waiting in line for dinner.




We all have arrived safely and are preparing for orientation. During this time, the staff introduces themselves and those who manages the station’s upkeep.


Snorkel gear hanging out to dry.

The group enjoyed a boat ride out to one of the research sites: Pigeon Cay. Its a shallow Cay that one can swim or walk around. They had a brief geology lesson on its formation and enjoyed a snorkel.



*edited 28/12/14* We ended the evening with orientation, a brief lecture from Doc and a lab. We broke into pieces of calcerous algae and identified several organisms including flatworms, chitons, etc.






This day was very brief and we hope you continue to keep in touch. Please take a moment to sign up for the newsletter to receive an email in for when we post.


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