Letter from Doc for Bahamas 2015

Dr. Wiedman in his classroom

Photo courtesy of University of Saint Francis Biology Department website. http://biology.sf.edu/faculty-staff/lawrence-wiedman/


Hello everyone 🙂 I received an email from our beloved Doc. I have added some tips throughout as well.

1. Please pack in non-rigid suitcases.  So that means, it can be squeezed into tight places. Big gym bags are good.  2 small are better that one monster. WEIGHT LIMIT: 40 lbs weight limit. Aim for 35lbs and pack things you do not mind leaving behind to donate to the community.

Here’s a trick for packing to help (use your best judgement):

A. Pack snorkel gear first. This gives you a visual of how much space you have and to work around with your other items.

B. Undearwear (7-10 @ least 1 a day; bras: 2-3 and 1 sports bra from personal experience)

C. Pants (2 long, 2-3 short, 1 sleeping)

D. Shirts (4-7, 3 short, 2 long, 1-2 to sleep in)

E. Modest church outfit (can be used for when we go out to eat Thursday night. Ladies, please try to have something to cover your shoulders and not to wear something shorter than mid thigh. Knee length is best if possible)

F. 2-3 swim suits and towels. Sometimes the swimsuit from the day before does not dry in time for the next trip. You have a few spares just in case. You need 2-3 ( I pack 2) towels. One is for the sea/swimming and other is to keep for bathing only. Don’t forget your washcloth/bathing gloves/sponge, etc.

G. Socks (3-5) I wear socks at night to keep myself warm. I know many who have made it through the week with no socks at all.

H. Personal hygiene equipment (toothbrush, toothpaste can be shared with a friend, soap, small shampoo/conditioner/2-in-1, TAMPONS/PADS/PANTILINERS, medication, comb/brush etc.)

I. CASH!! For your snackies and souvenirs.

J. 2-3 pairs of shoes. You can pack your flip flops, those weird finger shoes, or old sneakers. We will be walking around, some will be birding, and some may decide to treck through the bush. Just remember, It’s nice to have a spare just in case one gets wet.

2. Remember everyone needs a water bottle. We are out on the boat most of the day or around the settlements. The staff will carry large coolers that have water with the groups but you need your own to refill throughout the day. There are no disposal cups.

3. You may leave blankets and pillows on the bus for the return trip home.

4. You may wish to bring snacks along on bus, but we plan to stop south of Cinci for a late lunch and into GA (?) for dinner.  You will needs funds for this or pack stuff to eat on the bus.  You may each bring a dvd (marked with your name on it) for the bus rides.  Obviously we cannot play all, but My “committee” will choose from what is available.

5. Keep your passport on your person or in a carry-on at all times.  You will need it on the charter flight. The Bahamas is an INTERNATIONAL destination.

6. You might want to eat breakfast before you arrive at USF, but we will have some doughnuts.

7. Every seat on the bus is taken going down.  Back will have lots more room.

8. Be at Achatz Hall ready to go at 9 am Friday Dec 26.  We pull out at 10.  We will hand out trip shirts before boarding.

9. Remember your journals and writing implements.  Customize your journal, they all look alike. Be creative. Use duct tape, glue stuff to it, have your dog eat a corner but leave enough for you to write your daily entries.

10. If you are the person who is flying down to Ft. Lauderdale, please call my cell phone at (omitted due to this being a public blog). He has info for where to meet up with us at FLL (airport), by the Bahamas Air front desk at 7-7:30 am Sat Dec 28 where 3 of our folks will be flying out of. Any Q’s email Doc  at   lwiedman@sf.edu. He will be checking his emails regularly


Hope this helps everyone. Thanks for checking in on a daily basis to see what is new here. The 27th is getting close and I am already down here enjoying the time with my family. It has been a little crisp at night so please bring a light sweater or jacket to wear around. I have been keeping myself warm with my long sleeve shirts and sweat pants at night as I hop in and out my parent’s house to see other family.

See you all this week. Remember to have fun. This is a learning experience of an entirely new culture.


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