Black Friday Woes: Diary of a Mad Crafter


First off, lets get this coupon out of the way šŸ™‚ Here is a %15 off entire purchase of $40 or more from LuSimply with the code OLAF15. Coupon ends on December2, 2014 at 12am. Orders are ready and shipped in 3-5 days of confirmed payment.

So this past week was my first time doing Black Friday all three days…as in Thursday, Friday and the buttcrack of dawn on Saturday.

How did I manage all three days and still have some money left over? The hopes that my business will kick off this winter validated me paying for it. Let’s go through the steps how this happened.

On Thursday it was Thanksgiving, Turkey Day, Turkey Memorial Day, etc. On my way back from family, I stopped by Michael’s craft store and bought some material. Then I went over to Hancock Fabrics, bought more fabric and thread for my sewing machine. Friday I went over to a small business called Sewing Machine out here near Colisuem Blvd. Bought my second sewing machine this week so that my sister could use it. Then we went to Joann’s and bought even more fabric, colored glue, etc for our hats and plushies for LuSimply. We eventually made our way to target and bought 2 DVDS that my younger sister LaVana wanted.


FROZEN OLAF Double Sided Hat Blue by LuSimply

Saturday had to been my craziest day ever. I went to bed around midnight that morning, on my sewing machine for several hours making Olaf hats. I woke up around 600 and couldn’t fall asleep. I laid there thinking for a bit. I’m not able to fall back to sleep. Joann’s is having a big sale on their fabrics. Up to 70% off printed and solid coloured fleece. I could go and stock up for my craft show coming up.


So I got up, freshened up, threw on some sweats, asked my sister if she wanted to come (she moaned NO and rolled over), and headed out the door. When I got to the store, there were crafters already there. Some were in their cars and others in line. Let me tell you, it’s winter here in Indiana. It’s cold. I already got my butt out here, but I am not waiting anywhere I can see my breath.

The store didn’t open until 700 and I reached roughly 5 minutes till. I instantly knew when the doors slid open. Car doors slammed, peaople sped walked to the entrance, carts flew down the aisles. It was like a car race. People were lined up in the front with their cart at the entrance, while the people behind mentally prepared their route to the fabric.

The doors opened and chaos…didn’t ensue surprisingly.

When I made my way over to the fabric, people were grabbing like crazy the bolts of fabric that lined along the aisle. SOme to the point that they were falling off their carts. I began to grab some that caught my interest and realized with great horror, I still have to get them cut. That was a long in itself. People were pulling numbers and waiting for their fabric to be cut.

To hell with that!!

As I weaved in and out of the crowd with my cart, debating if I hadn’t lost my mind already, I saw a small classroom in the back with a few people in it. Curious, I headed there wondering why they weren’t scourging around like everyone else and their grandma (literally). And to my little hearts content, there were precut fabric.


So I tossed by bolts onto the closest table and started grabbing fabric. They were 2 yards. More than enough for my projects. Once I collected my spoils I made my way out of the classroom, happy and content with my finds. I’m not planning on dying today by standing in that hellish line. Nope. Not this girl.

I was there for only an hour. But it seemed longer with the crowd, talking with other crafters and some coworkers I saw there.


SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL kawaii plushies by LuSimply


SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL kawaii plushies by LuSimply

I made it home by 800. I thought I would be tired by then but wasn’t. So I worked on a few more projects that have been on my mind including #minions and #sailorscouts.

Would I do this ever again?

If I can’t sleep, you can see me next year.


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