My Hands are Numb…Crochet Fever

This is more of a personal blog. As I type this up, I am sitting in my kitchen looking outside the window at a very vivid image from my imagination: snow. Indiana, you owe us a spring. You owe us a summer…heck, I think fall was not even a month. LaVana and I traveled for 2 weeks and we come back and all the leaves are gone. Oh well, I shall be leaving soon for my island home for more adventures with YME.

As you see on my main page, I’m all about conservation and crafting. Now that it is winter, my hats have been crafting non-stop making hats, scarves and blankets for my friends and their families.


It’s not easy but  I enjoy the look on my customer’s faces when they get their handmade gifts. They can see the details that go into each and every one of them. They realize that it takes time. I work during the day as a substitute assistant in the community schools. When I come home I get a snack and begin crocheting while eating.

Each hat is at least 3 hours. I have spent easily 6 hours on this last hat called Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony. #mylittlepony #twilghtsparkle #maybeneveragain



IMG_20141114_163022I’m growing still as a person and as a business owner. It’s amazing the ideas one can come up with when people want to know if you can custom make a particular item for them. The wheels in your head are turning and the nights are long. You know there are going to be several pieces to the project and each piece may need a particular color of yarn that you would have to go out and buy for this project.



Made a Spider from the game Don’t Starve for my sister 🙂

In the end, I love and enjoy every bit of it. I’m getting over a fever from these long nights and the rapid change in weather. Check out my LuSimply Etsy and Facebook page for more pictures and Christmas gifts.

Till next time!




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