Thank You BMMRO, Friends and Blue Hole Swimming!!

DSCF0174Monday was one of the best rest days 🙂 It was right up there with the kayaking last week with Jack and Sarah.

On this day, Jack and Sarah had an excursion to Hope Town, a cay that requires a boat to get over to from Marsh Harbour. I spent my day Hanging out with Friends of the Environment. They are a non-government organization whose goal is to protect and conserve our environment through education programs and events for all ages.


I took my day off to volunteer with these awesome people. I was so happy for those few hours that I feel as if I had been missing a part of myself in what I wish to do for the future. In my opinion, they are 100% into working and getting the community involved in events such as coastal clean ups, field trips, and conservation classes in the local schools.

There were several projects that I helped with for Olivia and Kristin. Mainly involving data entry and creating posters. For some, this may seem small, but to me I know that I am helping any way I can so they could focus on the bigger picture. Friends is in the process of creating an eco-friendly research facility, the first of its kind here on Abaco.

It will be powered by something we have an abundance of here in The Bahamas: the sun! It’s happening, a dream I had had as a child coming to fruition by an organization I had hoped to form myself. Its like by coming to Abaco, I have found my place with them and with Bahamas Marine Mammal Research Organization. Without BMMRO, I wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t have reinforced my desire to come back home even if there are doors not opening where I wanted them to. Doors are opening in other places and I am glad to walk in.

Thank you Dr. Diane and Charlotte.

Another aspect that I enjoyed was an intern there that I had such a great time talking to named AJ. He’s so passionate about what Friends does that he is having a hard time deciding what to major in college: environmental science, marine science/biology, oceanography, etc. He enjoys nature, he loves diving. Working with kids and showing them how our island works and all the ecosystems are connected, inspire him. We connected instantly. Talking about what we want for our environment, how to inspire kids and adults to care and want to do more to protect what they have, spreading knowledge and skills to those who think they can’t, the future of Friends and BMMRO.

I wish him all the best for his future.


After an eventful day with Friends, Jack, Sarah and I did a little adventuring of our own after running several errands within town. The road from Marsh Harbour to Sandy Point is roughly 30-45 minutes drive and more or less straight. To find this secret road, we had to find a branch…with a pink ribbon tied on it…next to an old traveled road made by the old logging company.

Really, Jack? Everything looks exactly the same.


Jacks’s monologue: And then, magically Jack found it despite the constant bickering of the two females within the vehicle. He persevered through all the negativity. Yay, Jack!

But we eventually found it. It was about a 5-10 minute drive down this path looking for another path that had rocks poking out. I can see why taking directions on an island doesn’t make sense. There was a small path to the Blue Hole once the car was parked and we enjoyed a lovely swim.


I have to admit. I forgot how to swim briefly in fresh water. Why? Because I have been swimming in the ocean where salt water is denser and thus makes me more buoyant. I was trending water the whole time while swimming in the fresh water but loved every minute of it.

DCIM100GOPROSnapshot - 23

As we drove home, we all realized how our time was running short here. We all leave on Thursday. There was a small silence then the car filled with laughter again looking at the setting sun.

Thank you BMMRO for this wonderful experience, from all of us.



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