Darn You Weather!!

IMG_20140903_181840 So the weather forecast this week has been looking pretty grim. So it has been decided that this week would be ‘Office Week.’ What a pun on ‘Shark Week,’ eh? Even though there has only been one or two rain storms during the week since Monday. Otherwise than that, it had been sunny. Yet we trusted the darn weather radar…Bring on those 8-12 hour days!! And boy, oh boy, the excitement that is overwhelming me (if you can’t tell, that’s sarcasm). Again, Office work will either make you or break you as a researcher and right now, all of us are slowly breaking. We are craving the sea to get out on the boat. We had our break of freedom yesterday. Thank ya lawd!


During the week, once work was done, we would relax for an or so then go for either a walk along the beach or a nice dip in the water. Sometimes, a nice cold Kalik or Sands is thrown in the mix.

IMG_20140903_181830 DSCF0094 It was only for 1 hour to get the recorder back out, but it was an hour we all longed for. We also took the boat out of the water again for weather reasons for the upcoming week.


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