Bahamian Food = Carbs for Life


Family dinners are the best 🙂

Last night….last  night…

It was amazing!! The food. The company.


A simple life of an island scientist at its best. And it only gets better with tonight’s meal.


For dinner last night, it was an hourly event. The preparation started around 1630 and we didn’t eat till 2100. During that time, Jurique and Jack went to the grocery store and to the docks to get dinner. Two large jacks and two snappers.

Jurique worked his magic in the kitchen when he got home though. I mean, I was so hungry just watching him, I ended up glaring at him as he cooked hoping he would go faster. Nope…took his time dancing to some Bahamian Rake ‘n Scrape.


Fried fish baked in coconut milk gravy.

With the fish, Jack fillet them and scrapped the excess meat off of the bones. With this, Jurique fried them, made a coconut, cabbage, and tomato gravy, drizzled it over the fish and popped it into the oven. The coconut gravy had coconut milk, sliced tomatoes, cabbage, onions, and salt and pepper to taste.


Baked macaroni has to be one of the best side dishes ever. He even got the large elbow pasta. He mixed egg and milk together for moisture in the noodles when they were done boiling and drained. He then mixed in grated cheddar cheese and baked it till it was golden brown on top and the middle was set.


He made another side, sweet and white potato salad. He boiled sweet and white potato together and cut them into large chunks. Once they cooled he added mayo, green sweet pepper and onion. No eggs or mustard necessary for this fine dish.


The final pièce de résistance: Peas ‘n Rice with coconut milk. I’m not the best with peas ‘n rice, so I watched him like a hawk and even tettered over to the cooking area. First, he heats up some oil to sautee the diced onions. Next, he adds tomato paste to give the rice that brown hue as it cooks followed by the peas. Finally, Jurique added the coconut milk with water mixture to match the amount of rice he was going to put in.


For me, Jack made it even better. He had heard Jurique and I talking about Vita Malt, a classic drink that ‘every’ Bahamian grows up on. Whether they enjoyed it or not that’s all on them. Let’s just say Jack did not enjoy it. I happily took it off his hands as the best colleague ever. A little wine to make the night extra special.


I’m telling you, Bahamian and most Caribbean foods are so delicious that you forget how much starch is actually in the meal. You forget that the 100 squats per day you have been doing since you have been here just went out the window with that first bit of macaroni.

Tonight…oh man. It was on par with last night. We caught our dinner again. How much fresher can you get then catching your meal, cleaning it, and then cooking it?

We did a half office and half boat day today. After lunch (with the leftovers from last night) we heading out to Rocky Point and then to the Deep Blue. We did track a sperm whale acoustically but could not locate it. So we headed back to Rocky Point and along its coast to catch some crawfish.


Crawfish or Spiney Lobster season begins August 1 and ends March 31. The size has to be 5 1/2 inches from the tip of the tail to where it connects to the head for it to be legal size to catch. Similar to Nassau Grouper and the Queen Conch, it is a major commercial food that we both enjoy and export.

We caught 5 of these critters and a trigger fish. Jurique and Jack cleaned them and Jurique cooked as usual on the grill. The lobster was sliced in half, deviened, and antennae and legs removed. It was seasoned with slices of butter and garlic.

IMG_20140829_200253 IMG_20140829_201950 IMG_20140829_204447

The trigger fish was scaled and skin. The skin is too tough to eat. The fish was filleted, season with some salt and pepper and placed on the grill as well. We still has leftover rice and macaroni from dinner last night and lunch today.

IMG-20140829-WA0002 IMG-20140829-WA0005 IMG-20140829-WA0007

Throw in a salad and we all patted our food babies.



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