Rough Days


Beautiful sunset as I sat in the hammock in the backyard. Yes, this is MY backyard everyday till I leave this place.

So the past three days or so have been a real cycle. A cycle in the sense that when an office day hits, you know generally what to expect. And on boat days, you know you will be out till at least 1700 starting early in the day around 900. The water can be glossy calm with the wind literally at 0, and a thin film of sweat begins to form all over your body. It is one of the most uncomfortable feelings. I’m not a small girl so just the extra heat on certain places made me feel even more uncomfortable then usual. I was praying so hard that we would get a chance to go swimming in the Deep Blue.



Freshest of the fresh coconut right off the tree, chopped, and knifed out into a bowl. So delicious.

So on the 21st it was an office day. Scanning, editing, photo ID, etc. Nothing too fancy or exciting. I have designated myself to scanning all of the documents from 1996 that they have. Why? It is more compact. When Dr. Claridge and her research partner travels, they can just take a hard drive instead of a massive folder. Saves so much room in the luggage for other important things…like snacks.

Yesterday, the 22nd: it was a boat day. Blistering hot calm sections throughout sitting for hours. Encountered a sperm whale (fecal sample collected), dwarf sperm whales (they exist! Saw 3 in a pod) and finally the ever elusive blainville beaked whale (only 1 brief glimpse before it dove). That night was dinner with my parents at the facility. Of course my father whipped out the photos!


Today was a different kind of office day. The weather report predicted that a tropical storm/depression was heading our way. Strangest thing: the storm moved around us. You can see the clouds, the rain, the wind and yet it went completely around us like a halo. Then it proceeded to travel away from us, only leaving a very pleasant strong wind (those sand flies were gone!).


To prepare for the ‘storm’ that never happened, Jurique and I had to go out to the boat and clean the underneath. How come? Because time comes for the boat to be pulled out of the water, it would be harder to clean the boat of any algae or barnacles that may have grown on it. Also, if there is algae on the boat when it is pulled out, it can leave a nasty stain color on the boat white exterior from the sun. So we did that for a bit until I heard thunder and decided to better be safe than sorry. We left the water, working around the house on other chores such as laundry, more office work and errands in the settlement.

After all of that work to pull the boat out and collect the recorder from Rocky Point, there was no storm. Just very breezy. Either way, we couldn’t go out on the water. Parents leave tomorrow to head back to the main city to begin school this week.

Cheers to another week here in Abaco!


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