Under the Sea :D


Finally became a mermaid!

Amazing!! Such beauty!! You have to be here to experience yourself. This is what I want to protect, the coral reefs. Not that the mangroves and blue holes aren’t important. My passion is with this beauty. I am beginning to get swayed though to the marine mammal dark side of the force. Oh, Dr. Claridge. I see what you are trying to do to me. Sneaky, sneaky.


We had a great swim out by the coral reef between Gordon’s Cay and Sandy Point. It was and is so beautiful.


Trumpet fish playing hide ‘n seek

We hit our first site this morning before heading out to the coral reef out on rocky point. Saw roughly 35 bottlenose dolphins swimming around and feeding. Afterwards, we headed out to the Deep Blue, listen for a sperm whale and tracked it down for 4 hours.And to give us extra luck, a nice chunk of a poo sample. After centrifuging the sample (really fast spin-y thing that collects heavy stuff at the bottom of a test tube), we found some squid beaks.

I didn’t get home till about 1800. Even then, we still had to rinse the equipment off with fresh water from the salt and download the gps and pictures. On top of that, it was my night to make dinner. Well, cheers to another hard day of work.


One thought on “Under the Sea :D

  1. Very nice Luanettee’ these are beautiful shots hopefully we can see a full length video of all the shots when you get back ashore stateside. Please stay safe. George


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