Beach Bum and Family Tree :)


This sun-kissed skin just turned burnt! Aloe vera, here I come.

I am living the life of an island scientist today after an all day office event yesterday. Surprisingly, even for a day off, it has been quite eventful. I had some time to spend with my parents who flew in from Nassau, New Providence. Both my parents are in the education field, however, my father is a priest. For the next several days or so he will be running around the island as a substitute for the residing priest that is here. That is his duty as a missionary, he travels where the Church needs him to be and he goes.


Laundry hanging out to dry. Time to become a ‘tourist’ and take a nap in a hammock.

They arrived this morning on the flight. Pops had used Mums phone by accident so I knew she was here. She was trying to surprise me. I know deep down that the only reason she came on this trip was to see me, where I am staying, and who I am interning for. No matter how old one gets, if your parents are caring, they will worry for you.

Pops took us around Sandy Point. He was surprised how much the place has changed since he was a small child. Let me tell you, both my parents are in their 60’s. The last time they were here was over 30/40 years ago. So quite a bit has changed. More buildings are up, some homes are gone…even the house my father lived in as a child had crumbled away in the bush, overgrown and unkempt over the years.


Pops said he and his brother would run up and down the shoreline, picking sea grapes and coco plum from the bush before and after they swam or fished.

Mum spoke fondly of the people who took care of her and my eldest siblings when they were but small babes. The paths that they took to get to the beach, overgrown. The dock they jumped off of as children, extended and with a bar inshore. The aunts and uncles that watched my father as a child, passed away.


The view outside my window every time the sun begins to set.

I can vividly see my father and his brother (10+ years his senior) running around in their jockies and jumping into the sea. Or taking the boat out with their father to sea all day. Frolicking to the Aunty across the street to spend the night, munching on some snacks.

I came here for research…but its nice knowing where my father comes from.


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