A New Side of Me


Grand Bahama from the skies. So very different from what I think in my head. So much beautiful land ๐Ÿ™‚

The last time I saw Grand Bahama, I was a teenager going to visit my aunt and uncle that reside there. Almost 10 years ago. Time ‘flies.’ ย ๐Ÿ™‚ The islands from above look larger than I imagine them in my head. In my mind, they are small and can easily be broken like an expensive vase. As a result, I developed an incorrect image that our islands are fragile. upon looking at Grand Bahama, my image had changed slightly. Look at all the land that has been untouched! That is what needs to be protected/managed.


Never seems to fail to wake up whenever that cart is about to pass by. My favorite drink to get? Orange Juice!!

One of the many talents I have found that I have over the years is the ability to fall asleep instantly on the plane. Get my head in a comfortable stop, cover my arms, and gone. Just as easily whenever its snack time, I wake up when the cart is about to past by. On the final flight, I stayed awake to the end when we touched down to admire the view. Over the 20+ years I have commuted back and forth from the US to the Bahamas and vice versa, I never took a photo from the plane at my islands. I just slept. This time, I forcibly kept my eyes open and was happy that I did.DSCF5044

DSCF5048 DSCF5047

Abaco is amazing. All the flats, the pine forests, the greenery…I miss this country for its beauty. For the people that work the sea, I hold a large amount of respect for them.ย These areas are dangerous, yet they maneuver their way around the flats and mangrove patches as if they were playing hopscotch.

The facility is a quaint home with the beach in the back. The water is as clear as the commercials tell you, if not more so. It was the perfect temperature, in between. The coolness from the tide coming in made it extra special.


The sea water, it burns us!

I am thankful for this opportunity to meet such wonderful people and to grow.


On the right is Jack ๐Ÿ™‚ He’s from the UK. He is the one that picked me up from the airport. On the left is Dr. Diane, the wonderful person that accepted me on this journey. I will get a better photo eventually. You can also check out the FB page for BMMRO.


This is the airport I flew into: Marsh Harbour. It’s a lot bigger than I would imagine a family island to have compared to larger cities such as Freeport, Grand Bahama and Nassau, New Providence.


“The longest and most boring road ever,” says Jack. He needs to visit North Andros and Eleuthera ๐Ÿ™‚



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